Check Out These Yoga Studios Near 215 West Apartments

Smiling sporty woman doing warrior pose in yoga class. Happy young female practicing yoga at gym class.

With benefits like improved flexibility, increased muscle strength and stress relief, it’s no wonder yoga is such a wildly popular pastime. Residents of 215 West Apartments are fortunate to have a variety of yoga studios nearby, with something for everyone from beginners to long-time yoga practitioners.

In fact, here are a few of our favorite yoga studios:

Bottom Line Yoga

With a stylish studio located in the Civic Opera Building, Bottom Line Yoga offers a menu of classes for busy Chicagoans. For those who prefer flow classes, where each pose flows into the next, there’s Functional Strength & Core Yoga or Flexible Flow Yoga.

Stretch & Restore Yoga focuses on areas of the body that hold the most stress, like the neck, shoulders, and back. Define & Refine Yoga aims to build strength and flexibility through strength-based poses.

Room to Breathe

If you’re seeking a yoga studio that focuses on mindfulness and relaxation rather than the workout aspect of yoga, Room to Breathe may be just what you’re looking for. The warm, welcoming studio is part of the Chicago Center for Behavioral Medicine.

In addition to flow classes, Room to Breathe also offers classes like Guided Deep Relaxation and Yoga for the Trauma Survivor. There are also shorter lunchtime classes for those busy workdays.

Bikram Yoga

Bikram Yoga West Loop focuses on hot yoga classes, during which the yoga class is held in a room that is heated to 105 degrees Fahrenheit. This practice offers benefits like deeper stretching and detoxifying the body through sweating. Bikram Yoga offers both 60 and 90-minute beginners’ classes as well as hot pilates classes.

Chill Meditation

Release stress and anxiety at Chill Meditation, which offers courses in meditation and yoga.  Take one of several meditation courses focusing on breath, insight and rest. There is also a combination class with 30 minutes of yoga and 30 minutes of meditation.

Yoga, dining, shopping and more are all easily accessible to the 215 West Apartments community. To learn more about making this your home, please contact us. You can also fill out our online application at any time.

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