Visit The Lincoln Park Zoo Near 215 West Apartments

Just eleven minutes from 215 West Apartments is one of the oldest zoos in the United States.  It’s known as the Lincoln Park Zoo, and it’s one of the few zoos in the country where admission is always free. The gates first opened in 1861 and today, there are 1,200 animals and several exhibits which delight guests of all ages. They include:

Regenstein African Journey

Visitors to this great exhibit can experience the sights and sounds of Africa without having to leave Chicago. There are four different habitats and animals include Baringo giraffes, masked lovebirds, and red river hogs.

Regenstein Macaque Forest 

At this state-of-the-art exhibit, you can watch as Japanese macaques use the habitat’s built-in touch-screen computers, climb trees, and splash in the central hot spring.

Kovler Seal Pool

The Kovler Seal Pool was originally built in 1879. It was rebuilt ninety years later, and has been one of the zoos most popular exhibits for generations. The seals enjoy a habitat that replicates their living environment in the wild, and visitors can get a unique look through the underwater viewing area.

Polar Bear and Penguin Habitats

Opening this fall, the polar bear and penguin exhibit offers a 45,000 square foot habitat that imitates the animals’ natural environment. The Walter Family Tundra is where the polar bears call home, and it will feature dry tundra terrain for exploration and pools that encourage underwater play. As for the penguins, you’ll see them at the Robert and Mayari Pritzker Penguin Cove. It will house more than a dozen African penguins that will entertain visitors by diving and playing in the pool.

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