Find Unique Home Goods at These Chicago Shops

hanging art in an apartment

Supporting small businesses has always been a great way to give back to your neighborhood. Safe virtual shopping is available from many charming, small Chicago shops. Check out these three for unique products perfect for your home in our Chicago apartments.

Salvage One

If you’re looking to add a dash of history to your apartment, look no further than Salvage One. Their team of experts are the experts on vintage furniture in Chicago. After rescuing stand out pieces from old buildings set to be demolished, they get to work and refurbish everything. You can look through their work and pick out your next conversation starter, either online or by private appointment. 


Inkling art and gift store has been a staple of the Chicago community for a decade. It was founded by a local artist who sold her creations in craft fairs for years before finally opening her own storefront. Between the gorgeous art prints, ceramics, home goods, and handcrafted jewelry, Inkling has everything you need to make your apartment feel like home. Shop safely from their website and pick up your next statement piece today.

Reckless Records

For fans of all things retro, there’s no place like Reckless Records. They have three locations around Chicago, making it an easy outing — one that’s well worth the trip. Bring in your old vinyl records, CDs, DVDs, and cassette tapes to trade in, or browse their stacks of fresh releases to find your new favorite album to put on and dance around your living room. Give their vast libraries a look today, and order online for pickup or delivery.

After you’ve bought a few records and a charming new piece of furniture from one of these small Chicago shops, enjoy a delicious burger for lunch or dinner. If you’re interested in Chicago living, contact us today to learn more about our apartment community.

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