Explore Chicago Ideas Week in October

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While plenty of festivals are held throughout the year in Chicago, there is one festival that stands on its own—Chicago Ideas Week. Held annually each fall, Chicago Ideas Week is a seven-day festival covering everything from science to entertainment. Led by industry innovators, these talks and symposiums inspire and educate attendees.

This year’s event will be held from October 15-21 at locations around the city with most sessions costing $15. Here are a few talks worth checking out:

Raising Your Hand: What Leadership Looks Like in 2018

Held on October 15th at Harris Theater, this symposium addresses the role leaders play in today’s society. There will also be advice about becoming a leader. With a panel of well-known leaders including Mitch Landrieu, former mayor of New Orleans and Jamil Smith, a senior writer at Rolling Stone, guests will hear personal accounts on how they approach leadership.

Melodic Milestones: How Music Creates Culture

Taking place at Venue SIX10 on October 16th, this talk brings together leaders from the music industry. Guest lecturers include Tuma Basa, a director at Urban Music, and Andrew Barber, owner of Fake Shore Drive. They will discuss today’s music industry as well as defining music events. The speakers will also cover topics such as the effects of music streaming on today’s music industry.

More than a Meal: Food as a Cultural Nexus

Scheduled for October 16th at Venue SIX10, this 90-minute lecture discusses food in modern-day society. Led by Monica Eng, food blogger, and Carla Hall, chef, and author, this session hits on topics such as how food brings together everything from art to celebrity.

When you make 215 West Apartments your home, cultural opportunities like Chicago Ideas Week are right on your doorstep. Please contact us to schedule a visit and learn more about what we have to offer.

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