Experience the Best Hot Pot in Chicago

young friends eating hot pot in Chicago restaurant

Though its origins date back thousands of years to the Mongolian Empire, the experience of enjoying a hot pot meal has recently become popular in many cities in the United States. Much like fondue, hot pot is best enjoyed in a communal setting with everyone adding ingredients to a simmering pot of specially seasoned broth. The result is a melting pot of items that can then be dipped in mouth-watering sauces. We are fortunate to have some incredible spots to enjoy hot pot in Chicago. Here are our top three:

Little Lamb Hot Pot

Making its home in Chinatown, Little Lamb Hot Pot is one of Chicago’s most popular hot pot restaurants. Bright and spacious, Little Lamb Hot Pot’s dining room offers plenty of seating and friendly service. The menu focuses on innovative takes on hot pot classics and features items such as Thick Supreme Lamb Slices, Swai Fillets, and Sweet Corn Cuts. 

Lao Sze Chuan

Another Chinatown mainstay, Lao Sze Chuan is one of famed Chef Tony Hu’s restaurants in the Chicago area. Low-key and casual, Lao Sze Chuan takes a no-frills approach when it comes to creating high-quality Szechuan fare. With an incredibly expansive menu, its hard to choose where to start, but the hot pot is not to be missed. This all-you-can-eat special includes a wide array of ingredients to choose from, such as beef, lamb, mussels, and tofu. 

Roka Akor

Located in the River North neighborhood, Roka Akor is an upscale Japanese steakhouse. Sleek and modern, Roka Akor uses vibrant lighting and unique art pieces to create a contemporary and relaxing space. Known for their sushi and robata grill items, this unique eatery also has one of the best hot pot offerings in the city. Created as a signature dish, the Japanese Mushroom Rice Hot Pot is served tableside with freshly shaved black truffles. 

Find More Hot Pot in Chicago

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