Enjoy These Top Vegetarian Restaurants in Chicago

Chef cooking vegetarian food in restaurant kitchen at stove with high burning flames

The Chicago area offers up plenty of dining options for those looking to enjoy a great plant-based meal. If you’re a vegetarian, or if you’re simply looking for a way to celebrate Meatless Monday, you’ll find plenty of delicious culinary options. Here are a few of our favorite vegetarian restaurants in Chicago:

Original Soul Vegetarian

It’s hard to even know where to begin at this healthy, meatless experience on 75th Street. The appetizers won’t make you feel like you’re missing anything, as you sample the crispy and delicious battered cauliflower and mushrooms to start.

The sandwiches aim to please, with a Sloppy Joe that surprises, as it’s oh-so-comforting, without any meat included. The “Handburger” takes the concept of veggie burgers to a whole new level, with a ground lentil base flavored with basil and oregano. Entrees include the House Special, with lightly seasoned vegetables and brown rice, topped with delicious grilled tomatoes and onions. The “Noodle Stir Kai” bills itself as a “stir-fry sensation” with the flavor of sun-dried tomatoes adding extra punch.

This business has been in existence for the past 33 years, so you know that they’re doing something right. Original Soul is family-owned and operated, and it prides itself on offering no refined sugars or flours. You’ll feel great after enjoying a meal at this local gem. 

Urban Vegan

This Asian-inspired vegan restaurant has a vast menu and reviewers are pleased with the choices. The West Montrose location is convenient, but you can also order in for an exciting healthy delivery. 

The soups are incredibly flavorful. The “Veggi Miso” Soup is a favorite which packs lots of nutrition with cruciferous vegetables, mushrooms, scallions, and more. If you also love spicy foods, try out the Red Curry, which includes a hot and spicy sauce on eggplant, bell pepper, bamboo shoots, and more.

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