Enjoy Sushi Near 215 West Apartments

Filled with fish, rice and vegetables, sushi can be a healthy, low calorie meal that tastes great. This traditional Japanese dish has become increasingly popular in the west, leading to American versions like the California Roll and fusion dishes like a tuna roll with jalapeño poppers. Whether they prefer it traditional or with an American twist, residents of 215 West Apartments who love sushi will be pleased to know there are several sushi restaurants nearby.

Hot Woks Cool Sushi

Hot Woks Cool Sushi serves most sushi by the roll, but has a selection of a la carte offerings. The restaurant offers a variety of styles of sushi, from namasake fresh salmon to sweet potato tempura maki, crunchy spicy tuna to salmon skin. Hot Woks Cool Sushi has several signature rolls, like the South of the Border with shrimp tempura, crab, mole sauce and lime zest, or the Blackhawks Roll with crab, tuna, cucumber and asparagus. In addition to sushi, the restaurant serves entrees like pad thai, pepper steak and orange chicken.

Sushi Sai

Another option just a short walk from 215 West Apartments is Sushi Sai. Sushi Sai offers sushi by the piece or roll, with standard selections like salmon and crab, as well as special rolls like the World Series Roll with crab, tuna, eel and avocado or the heart-shaped Valentines Roll. The Sushi Sai menu focuses on sushi, but offers a few teriyaki and tempura dishes as well. Bargain-lovers might want to check out their all-you-can-eat deal, evenings and weekends for $19.99.


For a more upscale Japanese cuisine experience, head to Momotaro. Momotaro offers several sashimi and sushi selections, like sea urchin sashimi or Botan Ebie sushi with prawn and mentaiko, as well as hot entrees like wagyu beef and rice, noodle and vegetable dishes.

Dining, shopping and more are all easily accessible to residents of 215 West Apartments. To learn about making this your home, please contact us.

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