Enjoy Delicious Meat at Daebak Korean BBQ

'Samgyeopsal' Delicious pork barbecue, Korean bbq favorite food

If you are looking for a new place to try for lunch or dinner, there are many delicious dining options here in The Loop. Considering heading to Daebak Korean BBQ, the perfect restaurant for meat lovers and Korean food fanatics alike. Best of all, it’s only a short drive from our 215 West community.

What is Korean BBQ?

Korean BBQ is a unique dining experience that is quite different from the classic American BBQ. Instead of ordering dishes that have been prepared by chefs in the kitchen, each table at a Korean BBQ restaurant has a grill in the middle for customers to cook their own meat. Everything has already been seasoned and marinated beforehand, but the feeling of grilling food with friends and family is one that many people find very enjoyable.

Once the meat is done, it is typically eaten with rice or wrapped in a piece of lettuce. Additionally, every customer is given several Korean side dishes. These usually include vegetables that have been fermented, steamed, or marinated. All the different options can be daunting to a first-timer, but feel free to experiment with various things or ask a friendly server for recommendations.

Daebak Korean BBQ

Named after the Korean word for “awesome,” Daebak Korean BBQ has been open since the spring of 2017. Its cool industrial atmosphere and diverse choices of delicious meat will for sure have you learning how to say “Daebak!”

Be sure to try the beef brisket slices and pork bellies. They are staples at every Korean BBQ restaurant and quite popular at Daebak as well. In addition, many people also love the seafood pancake. While it is not something you can grill, the pancake is an appetizer that is great for sharing with the whole table.


Daebak is also known for playing a lot of Korean pop music (also called K-Pop) on a TV screen to entertain guests. K-Pop has been rising in popularity in the United States recently, so many people really enjoy visiting Daebak for this reason. However, even if you are not interested in K-Pop, listening to catchy pop songs as you are enjoying Korean food is still a fun experience that will make your meal that much more memorable.

Residents at 215 West Apartments can enjoy a host of dining options near their home. Please contact us today to learn more about living in our community or to schedule a tour. You can also get a sneak peek via our online photo gallery.

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