Enjoy Brunch In the Loop at These Great Spots

A brunch spread at a hotel with waffles, sausage, blueberries, chocolate covered strawberries.

Brunch is arguably one of the best meals to have on a relaxing weekend. It’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends or family and appreciate delicious food and good company. The following places near 215 West Apartments are some of our favorites, so be sure to stop by and see what they have to offer. Here are our favorite spots for brunch in the Loop:

Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe

Right across the street from Millennium Park is Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe. This charming eatery is popular with both tourists and locals alike. This location has been bustling with customers ever since it opened in 2011 and it’s very easy to see why. The breakfast and lunch options on the menu are plentiful, so there is always something for everyone.

If you are here, though, we recommend picking from the list of eggs benedict dishes. Many people know the classic eggs benedict, but have you ever had Florence benedict (with bacon and spinach) or southern benedict (with sausage and gravy)? Wildberry Pancakes and Cafe offers both as well as other amazing twists to this beloved dish.

Cochon Volant Brasserie

If you are looking for an elegant, French-inspired brunch experience, there’s no better place for that than Cochon Volant Brasserie. This beautiful restaurant with stylish decor is lit up by lots of natural lighting.

The menu is also full of American favorites with a French twist, such as a duck confit omelet or the French caramel waffles. It is a cultural blend that will leave your taste buds in heaven and one that we cannot recommend enough.


Located on the rooftop of the Chicago Athletic Association Hotel, brunch at Cindy’s comes with a view that is simply unbeatable—it overlooks Millennium Park, Lake Michigan, and a good part of the Chicago Skyline.

As for the food itself, Cindy’s serves delicious choices of savory and sweet dishes that are both filling as well as healthy. Fresh seafood is also available. If you are a fan, be sure to try a plate with salmon or oysters.

There are a lot of amazing dining options in Chicago for residents of 215 West Apartments to enjoy. If you would like to learn more about our community, please contact us today to speak with a leasing agent.

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