Virtually Explore Local Culture at Chicago Museums

Chicago museums have made themselves more accessible than ever before. You can explore many of them without leaving your couch! Here are just a few of the museums that residents of our apartments in Chicago can visit and explore online.

1. Adler Planetarium

Located on Chicago’s Northerly Island, the Adler Planetarium has displayed the wonders of the universe since it opened way back in 1930. The team at Adler has been working hard to make the full museum experience available to users remotely. From your Chicago apartment, you can virtually walk through their museum floors and see artifacts from outer space. The virtual tour is full of information about famous NASA missions and achievements. Adler Planetarium also offers unique online resources, like their YouTube channel, with videos about all sorts space-related of topics.

2. DuSable Museum of African American History

A destination for African American history, culture, and art, the DuSable Museum of African American History has been a staple of Chicago art and culture since 1961. To accommodate guests, they have created special online collections through Google Arts & Culture. These online exhibits go deep into African American history with museum artifacts and in-depth profiles of influential and often unknown African Americans.

3. National Museum of Mexican Art

Another important cultural museum in Chicago, the National Museum of Mexican Art highlights the artistic achievements of Mexicans and Mexican-Americans. Their exhibits cover periods from the Aztec Empire all the way to today. There are currently several ways to visit the museum online, including weekly virtual tours. Different tours cover different topics and artists, so be sure to sign up for any that interest you. The museum also has its collections available to tour through Google Arts & Culture

Chicago’s vibrant culture is widely available to see online. In fact, these are just a few of the Chicago museums that offer virtual tours. While you explore local culture, enjoy local food, like a delicious burger. For more information about making 215 West Apartments your home, contact us today.

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