Have Some Refreshing Boba Tea in The Loop

Woman holding cup of matcha bubble tea or boba tea at a street food market

For those who are not familiar, boba tea (also known as “bubble tea”) is a sweet drink made up of a tea base mixed with milk or other flavors. It is typically consumed with fruity or tapioca jellies to create a fun experience for your taste buds. Although it originated in Taiwan a few decades ago, boba tea has seen a huge rise in worldwide popularity.

Here in The Loop, there are a few great places near our 215 West community for you to get a taste of this addictive beverage.

Vivi Bubble Tea

If you are a fan of cute interior designs and Instagram-worthy food and drink, Vivi Bubble Tea is the perfect spot for you. Their wide selection of colorful boba tea drinks will have you coming back to try out new flavors.

To top it all off, make sure to try their frozen yogurt and macarons as well. You can’t get a better dessert experience than boba tea, fro-yo, and delicious macarons.

B.I.Tea & Dim Sum

Located inside the French Market is B.I.Tea & Dim Sum, a kiosk where you can find boba tea with a variety of different topping options. Adding tapioca pearls to your milk or fruit tea is the most common way to enjoy your drink, but if you are up for an adventure, why not try some red beans or aloe? At B.I.Tea & Dimsum, you are welcome to mix and match different options to create the perfect beverage just for you.

Don’t forget to also order a few steamed dumplings to enjoy with your boba tea.

Argo Tea

Founded in 2003, Argo Tea is a cafe chain that specializes in many different types of tea drinks. Their mission is to create beverages that promote healthy living and sustainability. Many of the drinks here are created with natural ingredients free of artificial additives.

The boba tea beverages offered at Argo Tea include black tea coconut and green tea raspberry. If you are hungry, be sure to get some delicious pastries and sandwiches as well.

These are examples of the many wonderful places that residents of 215 West Apartments can enjoy. To learn more about living in our community, please contact us today.

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