Learn an Instrument Online Thanks to these Chicago Music Schools

learning instrument online

Playing an instrument is a fun way to relax after a long day, express your creativity, and even memory, hearing, and mental processing in the long term. If you would like to learn how to play, several Chicago music schools offer online lessons for all abilities. Those near our apartments in Chicago include:

Old Town School of Folk Music

Established in 1955, the Old Town School of Folk Music strives to “teach and celebrate music and cultural expression rooted in the tradition of diverse American and global communities.” The school was founded with a focus on folk music. During this time, famed musicians such as Jimmy Driftwood, Josh White, and Pete Seeger performed. Today, the instructors offer over 700 classes in an array of genres. They provide online group lessons, and the skills sessions will teach you the basics needed to move through the program. Instruments include the banjo, harmonica, guitar, and many more.

Lyriq Music School

At the Lyriq Music School, all of the instructors are masters of their instruments. They believe that no two musicians are alike, and tailor their classes to meet everyone’s individual needs. Students range in age from four to over 70. The lessons exercise the mind for both the young and old, allowing participants to gain confidence each week. Instruments include the violin, ukulele, and flute.

Merit School of Music

The Merit School of Music welcomes over 3,000 students every year. Nationally accredited, the school is home to 125 experienced instructors who have offered high-quality music education for more than forty years. They inspire budding musicians to broaden their horizons and teach classical and jazz genres to students of all skill levels. Instruments include the saxophone, oboe, and horn.

After class, celebrate your progress with your favorite gourmet pizza delivered from one of Chicago’s most popular pizzerias. To call 215 West home, please contact us. We would love for you to discover all that our Chicago apartments have to offer.

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